Friday, February 21, 2014

Photomerge Frustration - or getting SUCCESSFUL panoramas

It's been a while (a LONG while) but when you are motivated to blog, you are motivated.

So today I am motiviated

I am a fan of merging photos to make panoramas.

But sometimes they just don't seem to work.  If you want to find the answer, we will get to it (couldn't find the answer on the web - sometimes Google does NOT have the answer, but don't tell them that).

Above is an example of my latest frustration.  Admittedly with Photoshop CC, this is a rare occurence.  The quality of the program and its capability are generally spot on.  Where I get issues has been largely the photographer's fault (me) because I have not switched the camera to manual exposure and focus or been lazy and not got the overlap right (in a rush).
In this example, I got all the in-camera stuff right.  That is actually manual exposure and manual focus.  All the things were right, but what went wrong???

I immediately thought, maybe my pre-Photoshop fun in Lightroom may have driven the outcome.  So back into Lightroom I went, returned all the settings to out-of-camera.

NOPE.  Still not working

Next option.  Thinking maybe I have too much information?  Overlap is recommended (40-50%) but it could be confusing Photoshop.  So I went back into Lightroom and cropped a few of the images width wise so the overlap was not as significant.

NOPE.  Still not working

Finally, I tried taking out 1 or 2 out of the full panorama, ensuring that there was still some 10-30% overlap and HEY PRESTO:

So, if you are frustrated, maybe you have done the job too well.  I know I will be going back to some panoramas with this different approach.