Friday, February 06, 2009

New year, new post

I was looking at my list of blogs in Google Reader and realised that I have not posted to my own blog in some time! But with a new year comes new (delayed) resolutions, and I need to keep up at least a few posts.

Woops, it's February already! Oh well. With the new year and my birthday I got some new drive for photography. Latest addition is Scott Kelby's 2 volumes on taking photos. Well worth it and has been a little bit of an encouragement to get back out there.

Also, if you want to start this year with a better picture print out, I can recommend getting a monitor calibration tool such as the xrite i1 or Huey Pro. I am selling mine on Ebay (see here) if you don't mind my plug!

On a good note, I can share my method for getting the picture. The setup is relatively simple.

First get yourself a good small 60cm cube light tent
Setup your tripod + camera
Setup your flash

This picture was taken with these settings: lens at 17mm, ISO100, f14, 1/200 sec, flash compensation +1

I did experiment a bit to get here and did minor white balance adjustment in photoshop raw.

The light tent is really a light diffuser and background all in one. You probably could get away with a clean background and, say, a Stofen diffuser or a diffuser typically part of most flashes (at least the 430EX and 580EX). Before I got the light box, I used to line an old box with white paper and take pictures in that. The trick to avoiding having visible lines is to make sure you have enought light - don't hold back as it's not like taking pictures of people!

Must sign off now and check how my selling is going - it will go towards maybe Lightroom 2.0 or the BH-55 RRS tripod head. Which one....? Maybe I will make it a poll?

Anyway, have a great time in the photography fray and hope your new year is filled with all kinds of new enthusiasm (and cool gear!).