Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Photowalk preparation

Another photowalk - hooray!
Yes, I got in early enough to host another photwalk. This year I will be co-running the one in Perth with Ric one of the most interested applicants I have met.
It will be another great day.
If you are worried you don't have the latest gear - that is more than ok! The only things you need are:
- walking shoes/gear
- camera (any will do)
- a desire to take pictures

That is seriously it! The benefits are great - to all levels of photographer - as we all get challenged by what and how one another are taking photos. I highly recommend it as a great way to get your photography revived.
If you have a few peices of gear to choose from, I would go with an all purpose lens (perhaps two at most) and a small tripod or monopod. Keep it flexible and light.
Anyway, better sign off - catching a plane soon.
Cheers - Mark

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Sanctified Together said...

Congratulations! I so not good at photography and really respect the art!