Thursday, June 04, 2009

AHH - only one post this year!

Can't believe it!

Yet again months have flown by without a post.

Update - now living in Perth (when not flying for work) and about to organise another photowalk.

Anyone reading this - get yourself on a photowalk, no excuses! They are great - and don't think you need the greatest camera gear. Even the best pros seem to admit that it is more about understanding what you have and getting out there than how many toys you have.

For me, 1 lens (maybe 2?), a monopod/tripod and a flash is about all you need. The more mobile the better. A p+s (point and shoot) is good too. Last year some of the best pictures came from the p+s's - mainly because they didn't get hung up by the technical and just looked around more for photos.

As a keen amateur, this is what I love most about photowalks. Everyone has such a different perspective and different gear that we are all trying to learn what one another is doing - almost like a fast food style camera club - AND I WANT TO DRIVE THROUGH AGAIN!

Better sign off - still at work and have some stuff to do. Before I go, here is the link to the photowalk site - sign up today and get ready for some great photography fun!

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