Wednesday, November 12, 2008

As promised

I am back!

Thought I would get back into it by referring to this great method for getting that grunge look in portraits.

See here for how it is done. Scott Kelby was mentioned several times by Chritian Fletcher and I feel good for finding out more about Scott and knowing that even the great photographers are out there learning from guys like Scott.

I was going to post a picture of Christian but thought I should get his permission first (that is the right and legal thing to do after all).

So I will post my application of Scott's grunge look another time.

In the mean time, here is a nice picture I took while in Perth. You don't have to like it but leave a comment/criticism! It is one thing that I took away from Christian's course, sometimes us photographers like things that might not ever sell - do you think this one might? High art or wishful thinking :) ?

Have fun in the photography fray - until next time.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Like all things, it is nice to be re-invigorated occassionally.

I found the opportunity to get an extra dose of enthusiasm by going to a workflow workshop by Christian Fletcher ( For those that don't know of him, he turns up first when you do a google search so that shows that you probably should know him! (or perhaps the guy that improves his exposure on search engines!).

I thought I would quickly write a comment on his workshop and encourage anyone interested in re-invigoration of their photography hobby to get to one. He is both easy going and informative. I will follow up more (and with a few concepts) in the next posting!

Maybe with a little encouragement from other photographers we can get out there more often and do something new.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Mt Nameless - Pain, pleasure and photography

Mt Nameless is the local mountain. Apparently the tallest vehicle accessible point in Western Australia. And I climbed it rather than driving it! With 20kg+ of camera gear - I am obviously looking for punishment!

Oh well, some great photos came out of it! That is all that matters (other than the guy/boy thing for climbing stuff!).
So this is the image straight after making some adjustments in RAW. I am still in CS3, can't commit to the expense of going to CS4 (just got comfortable with CS3!) but maybe Lightroom 2 next?

I digress. I thought I would try out some tricky black and white stuff. There are TONNES of ways to convert to B+W. I thought I would share the one to convert to Quadtone - gives a really nice touch. The steps I followed:
- add a gradient adjustment layer. Tweak to suit.

- flatten layers
- image>mode>greyscale
- image>mode>duotone (only accessable after you have converted to greyscale)

Now that you are here, there are a lot of choices including duo, trio and quadtone. Have fun. I chose to go with a PANTONE Quadtone Bl 541 513 5773 - funny name, nice colours.

Finally, for "extra credit", I copied this image back into the original psd file as a layer. Turning down the opacity allows the original colours to come through.

So there ends todays thought. Sometimes a little less colour makes a picture!