Sunday, November 02, 2008

Mt Nameless - Pain, pleasure and photography

Mt Nameless is the local mountain. Apparently the tallest vehicle accessible point in Western Australia. And I climbed it rather than driving it! With 20kg+ of camera gear - I am obviously looking for punishment!

Oh well, some great photos came out of it! That is all that matters (other than the guy/boy thing for climbing stuff!).
So this is the image straight after making some adjustments in RAW. I am still in CS3, can't commit to the expense of going to CS4 (just got comfortable with CS3!) but maybe Lightroom 2 next?

I digress. I thought I would try out some tricky black and white stuff. There are TONNES of ways to convert to B+W. I thought I would share the one to convert to Quadtone - gives a really nice touch. The steps I followed:
- add a gradient adjustment layer. Tweak to suit.

- flatten layers
- image>mode>greyscale
- image>mode>duotone (only accessable after you have converted to greyscale)

Now that you are here, there are a lot of choices including duo, trio and quadtone. Have fun. I chose to go with a PANTONE Quadtone Bl 541 513 5773 - funny name, nice colours.

Finally, for "extra credit", I copied this image back into the original psd file as a layer. Turning down the opacity allows the original colours to come through.

So there ends todays thought. Sometimes a little less colour makes a picture!

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SBL said...

Great pictures!!! Thanks.

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