Saturday, August 23, 2008

Photowalk - bringing me back to blogging

I apologise.

I have been caught up in the job that I wish was second to photography - it would be nice to have a hobby as a job (sort of).

Anyway, since we last talked I have run the local Scott Kelby Photowalk (yesterday 23rd of August).

For those not familiar with photowalks, see here/.

It is a lot of fun (as I found out) and well worth it getting out - challenged by how others take photos. I have to point out one of the guys - Glenn - who showed us all how to do it. He just seemed to pick the right things (I followed him for a bit!).

The trick is to give ideas a bit of thought before you make it a photo - just compare his and my shots at the Photowalk Flickr site/ . Particularly the ones of the fire hydrant. I avoid flash where I can (still not yet confident with it) - he was using it for fill.

Really good to get challenged in the way we take photos - otherwise we will never improve.

So before I sign off, I will leave you with my favourite photo from the day.

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