Saturday, April 12, 2008

Bring on the pictures

Finally some more pictures!

Thought I would upload an image I have been working on. I have used HDR (High Dynamic Range) imaging. In "english" that means I have taken the best exposures of the same scene and put them together. Some HDR images have 3 or more different exposures, this one only has two. One for the light streaming through on the far side of Kermit's Pool (I think) and the other exposure for everything else.

HDR are really useful in these kind of places or where there is extreme shadow and bright light to capture all of the range (hence high dynamic range). It basicly requires using a program to combine the images and screen out the appropriate areas of brightness/darkness. I have just used a Layer Mask in photoshop to do this.

Anyway, here are the originals:

And the finished product:

I find understanding a little about what you can accomplish in Photoshop allows me to prepare photos as much as possible. This is one example where a VERY sturdy tripod came in handy. Hope you have a great week and get out there and give HDR a go.

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Canon Blogger said...

Looks pretty good all things considered. Viewing HDR in a browser is kind of tricky, especially when your dimensions are constrained by a template, but from what I saw, your results were well done! Good job!