Sunday, March 23, 2008

White balance, on a roll!

This is the third posting in two days!

I thought I would share my experiences with white balance having finally tested out a couple of white balance options. First of all, the uncorrected image is below. I have placed a gray "card" cloth on the music stand which doubles as a lens cleaning cloth and a white balance card (free with Scott Kelby's CS3 book) leaning against the door on the floor.

This second image is corrected in CS3 Raw using the white balance tool on the card. The colour is slightly blue still.

The third image is taken using the cloth (lens cleaning cloth from Adorama) as a white balance. The tones are slightly warmer than the card but without the side-by-side comparison, you wouldn't know!

So that is the interesting comment for the day. I do like the card with the full gamut of calibrating colours but it is impractical to carry around (fear of squashing is a reality!).

On practicality, as a single point gray card, the cloth wins. This final image shows the true value of the card over a single point (a bit unfair comparison). With three points of calibration (white, black and gray) via curves in photoshop:

I hope these images have shown how invaluable white balance is if you want to get the picture as accurate as possible. On a side note, if these images look toned to you - maybe you should look at colour calibration? I'll save my commentary on that for another time. Have fun in the photography fray!

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Canon Blogger said...

AN excellent demonstration of why white balancing should be the first thing you do in the post processing of every image, while also highlighting the importance of a consistent work flow in a calibrated environment. Good stuff here Mark!