Saturday, March 29, 2008

Is Photoshop Express (Beta) the beginning of the end for professional photographers and illustrators?

I thought the title would catch your interest...

It is certainly something I have seen about comments on the new product from Adobe and I could not resist adding my commentary to the miriad of bloggers out there.

I will answer this question this way:

The more in-depth version of that answer is:
In fact more people will start to realise that Photoshop - whether express or CS3 (CS4 soon?) - cannot fix a bad photo. The best example of that is all the errors that form the comedy of photoshop disasters.

This all links in with my previous post, it is the photographer - not the camera (and now not the touch-up program) that makes the photo. No amount of gear will guarantee the photo.

Sure, there are more and more non-professionals making great photos but I would suggest that is more a representation of the digital age where more people take more photos. Statistics (my other hobby) says that the more samples (photos), the greater chance that a sample will be outside the normal bell curve = a really good photo.

In fact, I think the end result of all these advances in photography allows people to get into a great hobby and realise the true value of professionals in that field. Once you know how hard it is to take that great image, you respect it all the more. Too many photographers are belittled by people who say they can take "that" photo but once they try, they will find it a little more difficult than first thought.

I enjoy photography, have a bit of nice equipment but know photography is an ART. Artists become great by using what they have to show others what they enjoy capturing.

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