Friday, March 07, 2008

I'm Back!

Yes after a brief hiatus due to internet connection issues I will maintain the minimum 1 post per week (if I get it in in the next 28 minutes and 30 ..29..28 seconds!).

Since last posting I have got out to the local gorges. Karijini National Park is an amazing place to visit and even better to photograph. If you are just the average tourist you can be happy carrying around your P+S (Point and Shoot) but those that want a challenge can find challenge-a-plenty.

This image was taken of the "Spiderwalk" in Hancock Gorge. When they say Spider, it does not refer to the inhabitants but rather the need for use of every apendage to avoid an abrupt slip! This provides a challenge to all photographers carrying a reasonable amount of gear (tripod, camera, lenses etc!). You need all your hands plus 4 more!

Then, once you are past the transport test, you need to manage significant light challenges. It is light at the top of the gorge and dark at the bottom. Water splashes up on your lens and you can't just focus on your images (especially if there are a few people around!).

Whatever the challenge, there is nothing better than being able to get outdoors into such a beautiful place and get into the fray.

Signing off for another fray foray photography day.

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