Friday, March 21, 2008

Easter Weekend

This week I have been chasing butterflies. Yes, you are not delusional - a late twenties man chasing butterflies is perfectly normal (as long as he has a camera :) ).

So here are some of the better results (take note butterflies do NOT allow you to set up a tripod, they move too much, so as a macro subject are probably the most challenging - other than dogs and children).

I enjoy runing around the garden until the butterfly stops - it certainly amuses my 1 year old. I am not lepidopterology (butterfly) expert but they always seem to end up landing on a peg on the clothesline - particularly the more colourful ones.

Like how I got the big word into the post :) Anyway that concludes today's foray. Hope all readers have a great, safe and enjoyable Easter - and don't forget to find out what the real meaning of Easter is.

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Canon Blogger said...

I think this butterfly post is nice Mark - give yourself a little more credit. As you said, butterflies are pretty mobile creatures. I have learned myself to catch them earlier in the morning when it's cooler - they move around a lot less...