Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I can see now.

This post will be a record TWO in one week (I won't forget that I have only posted 4 in two years to date!).

I thought I should make note of the links seen to the right. Note one of my most popular sights is The Russell Brown show. Not only do you learn about Photoshop but it is actually lots of fun (he has a good way of throwing in some humour!).

I must credit him with the method I use for adding © to my images as an action. If you want to learn more, get across to his site and check out the Branding movie.

Another site I also frequent is (P4P). This site is great for Australian (and international) photographers. Probably it's only rival is the (POTN) website. Both great places to pick up information and oogle (is that a real word?) at the second hand equipment. I am not invulnerable to temptation as my financial manager tells me (the better half that is!).

Anyway, this will be a brief blog post as I shouldn't use up all my words in one week (say that fast :)). I will leave you with an image I am looking to post at P4P for the latest B+W competition - see whether it does well?

Cheers and get out there and Foray (or is it foraying?).

Monday, February 25, 2008

Ok, ok... it has been a LONG time.

I am finally back (having re-located my blog) and committing myself to a regular foray :).

I have upgraded the knowledge (and the gear) since first posting these few images so hopefully my images have improved...
The picture of my Prado on the left is a little example of playing around in Photoshop. I got the idea from an article I read about converting your photos to look like images in the British series "Top Gear" (yeah!).
It's a great program though having recently seen the first few episodes (Australia missed out on them), I am glad they moved on!
Talking about moving on, I have got off the subject. This is a photography blog!
Oh well, I will see if I can get a few more images together to post and work on one or more posts per week (work with me, this is not my day job :))
Until next time.