Saturday, July 29, 2006

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I began with this title for two reasons - it is the beginning book of the Bible and describes the journey of Man and God. I relate to beginnings and they hold so much promise that should not be forgotten in the fray.

So begins my Foray into Fotography (it sounded cool so don't get upset by my inappropriate spelling :).

I expect I will get better as I go and write more but this is a good start (especially since my wife is asking me NOW "does this look okay?" - definately a LOADED question. Anyway, I appear to have answered correctly and have lived to tell the tale.

Before I go, I have attached some photos from a friend's wedding. If you would like to copy them, please email me first (or at least don't make out that they're yours :) I really appreciate comments as I am only starting (well have been playing around for 4 years).